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We Help You Fill Up On Convenience


EzFill is a mobile fuel delivery service that keeps your ride and business fleets rolling—without you having to step foot in a gas station. Instead, we bring the gas to you.

Simply set up your delivery order on the EzFill app and we’ll deliver gas straight to your vehicle’s fuel door. Got business fleet needs? Our customer success team can help you set up a refueling program that works best for your team. No matter where life takes you, EzFill is what every vehicle needs so its ready to run when you are.


Did you know that car manufacturers have innovated increased fuel efficiency and extended miles per gallon by over 60%? Yet, the traditional gas station model hasn’t seen such sustainable ingenuity. It operates the same as it always has: requiring multiple fuel transfers to receive fuel plus storing fuel underground, which puts the environment at risk—self-serve stations experience an average of 40 gallon spills onto the ground each year.

That’s 40 gallons too much.

EzFill is here to change that. We are doing our part to provide a better solution that brings fresh fuel from the source straight to you through our licensed and certified eztechs. The result? unnecessary fuel transfers get eliminated along with underground tanks, allowing you to receive professional service at your door whenever you need it.


Avi Vaknin

Chief Technology Officer

Avi Vaknin is the Chief Technology Officer of EzFill Holding LLC, a tech company based in Miami, Florida. With a proven track record of building successful businesses from scratch, Avi is a visionary tech trailblazer with extensive experience in developing startups and rapidly growing in the technology market.
Born in Jerusalem, Israel in 1978, Avi holds a bachelor's degree in computer science from the Hebrew University in Israel. After serving in the Israeli military, he worked at Intel Technology in Israel, leading the training team and helping Intel Israel with the production of the Pentium CPU used in many devices today. This experience honed his skills in cybersecurity and technology and gave him invaluable experience in the semiconductor industry.
In 2004, Avi founded Telx, a company that has revolutionized the way we use technology in our daily lives. As the CEO of Telx, he has built a portfolio of businesses that have transformed the tech industry. With his expertise in software development, mobile applications, and cloud computing, he has established Telx as a leading provider of innovative solutions in the tech industry.
As the CTO of EzFill Holding LLC, Avi is driving the company's technology strategy, overseeing the development of cutting-edge solutions for the energy sector. His passion for innovation and his dedication to excellence have earned him a reputation as a visionary leader in the tech industry. Outside of work, Avi is an active member of the community, supporting initiatives that promote education and technology entrepreneurship. He is a sought-after speaker and mentor, sharing his knowledge and experience to inspire the next generation of tech leaders.


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Arthur Levine
Chief Financial Officer

Arthur brings multinational experience at publicly traded and privately held companies with particular expertise leading startups and emerging growth companies through financings, strategic planning, the IPO process and beyond. After starting his career in a Big Four accounting firm, Arthur gained experience building finance teams, improving internal controls and processes, implementing ERP systems and evaluating complex GAAP, governance and SEC reporting issues. He is a graduate of the The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. Arthur is a Certified Public Accountant.

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