What is Ezfill Holdings Inc.?

EzFill (Nasdaq: EZFL) is a leading participant in the fast-growing mobile fuel industry, with the largest market share in its home state of Florida. Its mission is to disrupt the gas station fueling model by providing consumers and businesses with the convenience, safety, and touch-free benefits of on-demand fueling services brought directly to their locations. For commercial and specialty customers, at-site delivery during downtimes enables operators to begin their daily operations with fully fueled vehicles. For more information, please visit https://getyourezfill.com.

Where is Ezfill Holdings Inc. headquartered?

2999 NE 191st Street, Ste 500
Miami, FL 33180

Who are Ezfill Holdings Inc.’s top executives?

See Management Team page.

Who are Ezfill Holdings Inc.'s Board of Directors?

See Board of Directors page.

How do I sign up for alerts to receive the latest company information?

Sign up for alerts here.

How do I buy or sell Ezfill Holdings Inc.’s shares?

Shares may be purchased on the open market through a registered broker-dealer or an online trading platform of your choice. Shares cannot be purchased directly from the Company.

Does Ezfill Holdings Inc. offer a Direct Stock Purchase Plan (DSPP or DRIP)?

We do not offer a direct stock purchase or dividend reinvestment program.

Does Ezfill Holdings Inc. pay a dividend?

EzFill does not anticipate paying any cash dividends in the foreseeable future.

What is Ezfill Holdings Inc.’s fiscal year?
Our fiscal year end is December 31. The Company’s quarterly earnings periods conclude on March 31, June 30, September 30, and December 31.
Where do I find SEC filings?
You can go to the official SEC site EDGAR and search “EZFL” or you can follow this link to our page here.
Who is Ezfill Holdings Inc.'s transfer agent?
Worldwide Stock Transfer, LLC
Who is Ezfill Holdings Inc.'s independent auditor?


When was Ezfill Holdings Inc. incorporated?

March 28, 2019

When did Ezfill Holdings Inc. become a public company?

September 15, 2021