Florida Drivers Can Now Skip the Pump With EzFill App That Fills Your Tank Wherever You Are

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That capital may help it scale as the Orange Dawn ad campaign and continued growth among commercial customers bring in a wave of new on-demand fuel users. To meet the anticipated growth in demand, the company has increased its fleet to more than 30 delivery vehicles with plans to have up to 50 by the end of the year.

EzFill Holdings Inc. (NASDAQ: EZFL) is a player in the reportedly growing and emerging on-demand mobile fuel industry — the Florida-based gas delivery app began delivering fuel directly to customers at the start of 2022 and has doubled its revenue in the past year.

Since its initial public offering last September brought in over $28 million, EzFill has reported focusing on rapidly expanding its fleet of delivery vehicles and making plans to expand into new territories. As part of that expansion effort, the company launched Orange Dawn, a new marketing campaign that will target individual consumers for a service that’s primarily used by commercial customers right now.

The EzFill App Brings On-Demand Convenience To Fuel Industry

As on-demand services like DoorDash Inc. (NYSE: DASH) for meals and Uber Technologies Inc. (NYSE: UBER) for rides and Instacart for groceries signal a rapid shift toward direct-to-consumer products and services as the new standard, EzFill is bringing that model to the fuel industry.

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Similar fuel delivery models have popped up across the country like Booster Fuels and Yoshi, but fuel variety is what EzFill says is one of its strengths, giving the Florida-based company an edge when it comes to heavy machinery, boats, construction sites, and other market segments.

More than just a way to fill the gas tank on their cars, EzFill app users can order fuel for their generators, boats, and machinery, saving them the hassle of hauling gasoline from the pump and the dangers of storing gas cans at home. As simple as ordering a Papa John's (NASDAQ: PZZA) pizza for dinner.

Drivers can schedule routine refills based on how often they typically run through a tank or schedule an on-demand refill through the app as needed for wherever they happen to be at the time. The EzFill team will fill their tank where it’s parked so customers can keep working — or relaxing — without worrying about stopping at a gas station.

This model has attracted dozens of commercial customers in the company’s first year of deliveries, bringing an expected demand for 1.2 million gallons per year from new customers signed since the beginning of 2022. In its second quarter alone, EzFill delivered nearly 790,000 gallons across southeast Florida, representing a 34% increase over the first quarter.

New Marketing Campaign Seeks To Make EzFill A Consumer Name

Orange Dawn, the company’s new brand-awareness ad campaign is aimed at growing the consumer end of the business, adding more individual users to the app. As part of that campaign, EzFill signed Miami Heat star Victor Oladipo as brand ambassador. The NBA veteran and EzFill customer will promote the pioneering gas delivery app to his fans.

With the two-time all-star as its brand ambassador, the company says it has plans for radio ads, aerial banners, and over 60 billboards across southeast Florida to increase brand awareness across its home region.

Meanwhile, EzFill believes that it is still very much in its growth stage, but it’s poised to grow rapidly as it reported no long-term debt as of June this year and a strong cash position, thanks to its successful IPO.

EzFill is a leader in the fast-growing mobile fuel industry, with the largest market share in its home state of Florida. Its mission is to disrupt the gas station fueling model by providing consumers and businesses with the convenience, safety, and touch-free benefits of on-demand fueling services brought directly to their locations. For commercial and specialty customers, at-site delivery during downtimes enables operators to begin their daily operations with fully fueled vehicles.

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