Enter our sweepstakes to win a FREE YEAR of gas with EzFill!

Who’s ready to not look at gas pump prices for a whole year?


This is why EzFill is giving one lucky Miami winner a year's worth of free gas!

All participants in this giveaway will receive 30 days free of delivery fees! Enjoy EzFill delivering high-quality, cost competitive fuel directly to your home. Download our app today to unlock your free delivery service for 30 days.

But EzFill Has To Be Expensive, Right?

We charge the same price for gasoline as your local gas station! Wherever you are, we take the five closest gas stations that sell top tier gasoline, we average that price, and that’s the price you get!

Schedule Evening Deliveries at Times Convenient
for you!

Our certified and trained drivers will safely fill up your tank. No need to unlock the car, just leave your gas door unlocked and we’ll take care of the rest!

Going to bed on empty and waking up to a full tank.
Is this a dream!?

You're NOT dreaming… it’s EzFill!

We fill your gas tank in the evening when your family is all settled in. Using our service in the evening enables you to make time for the more important things in your life. It’s also a time of day when your vehicle has the highest chance of being in the driveway. Schedule your preferred time, kick back and relax. Fill up the EzFill way.

Here’s some other reasons
why using EzFill is a no brainer


Let us save you time! The average consumer spends between 10 to 15 minutes per trip to the gas station. Schedule your delivery on our app at your convenience and



By using EzFill you can save up to $200 on fuel and trips to the gas station.

Wondering how much EzFill costs? $4.99 + competitive cost of gas. No hidden fees.Transparency guaranteed!


Can you guess what is 11,000 times dirtier than a toilet seat? You guessed it! Your local gas station pump handle. Yuck! The surfaces on gas pump handles are among the dirtiest commonly touched areas in public. The benzine you breathe at the gas station, while standing exposed to the fumes, also comes along for the ride.


Gas stations can be dangerous places! Customers can become the victims of assaults or worse crimes, as targeted areas for robberies, credit card scams, and other criminal activity.

You might have even experienced someone coming up to you at the pump asking you for money. These are things that you want to avoid, but sometimes can’t. Or can you?

Terms and Conditions

Rules of Sweepstakes:

Entree requires 3 friends tagged in the EzFill social media post along with liking and following. Calculation of Reward. Limited to 2 fill ups per month based on one registered vehicles fuel capacity.

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