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Fleet Gas or Diesel

We’ll help you drive your business within in the forward- thinking lane — whether you run on gas or diesel.

Let Your Big Wheels Keep On Turning

Pump up your fleet's value

The Benefits: Staying on schedule is key when it comes to big jobs. Rising labor costs and daily wear and tear make every penny (and mile) count. Our service reduces stops, cuts down on maintenance by eliminating travel to the pump and helps keep deliveries on time—time after time.

Choose Your Fuel: Each trip to the gas station takes an average of 20 minutes off of your driver’s work time. With EzFill, your drivers will not only get that time back but they get the fuel they need to get the job done with gas, diesel or both. Fuel prices are comparable to local market pricing and a service fee may apply depending on your area.

Let us help you build out a plan and quote that's right for you.

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